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June 19 & 20


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Welcome To Executive Secretary Live - Global

June 2020

June 2020

Join us online for two days of unparalleled workshops, training and motivation

One Profession, One World, One Event

One Profession, One World, One Event

Network with peers, trainers and associations from around the world



Executive Secretary LIVE goes virtual for the very first time

Over 40 Incredible Guest Speakers

Over 40 Incredible Guest Speakers

Hand-picked to ensure you receive cutting edge training from the world’s most inspiring speakers and trainers

Meet Your Speakers

- New Speakers Announced Daily -
Click on the images for full biographies

Abigail Barnes

Founder of Success by Design Training

Alice Scutchey

Senior EA with over 14 years experience in business administration

Andrea Macarie

A former multi-award winning EA, Andrea is a broad generalist with a passion for creative problem solving, building high performing teams & setting up agile processes.

Anel Martin

International Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Storyteller, Time Management Coach

Ayanna Castro

International speaker and author

Bonnie Low-Kramen

One of the most respected voices in the profession

Carol Schulte

An authority on brave leadership and founder of The BRĀV Institute.

Carole Spiers

International Motivational Speaker, C-Suite Consultant and proud member of the Executive Secretary Speaker Bureau.

Chrissy Scivicque

Corporate Trainer & Founder of

Corinne Hoisington

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Computer Tech

Danny McCubbin

Former PA to Jamie Oliver

David Lovett-Hume

Serial Entrepreneur with numerous successful events businesses including Event Assembly, Asemblr, MicePro and MiceOffers

Debbie Gross

Speaker, trainer and coach, formerly the Chief Executive Assistant to the CEO of Cisco

Diana Brandl

International Speaker, Mentor & Author

Dinah Liversidge

Coach-Mentor, International Speaker and Trainer

Donna Gilliland

Donna is a seasoned, engaging and fun speaker with 25 plus years experience. 

Eth Lloyd

Chairman of the Advisory Council for the 11th World Administrators Summit

Heather Baker

World Class Trainer, Bestselling Author & Creator of the Bakerwrite Speedwriting System

Helen Monument

International trainer, coach & mentor. Former European Chairman, EUMA (now IMA)

Jeff Lockhart

International ACEA©️ trainer specialising in Finance, Business Administration, Leadership and Management Development

Jennifer Corcoran

Multi award-winning LinkedIn Trainer

Jeremy Burrows

Founder of and The Leader Assistant Podcast

Joan Burge

Founder & CEO, Office Dynamics International

John Shaw

Former Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Julia Schmidt

Award-winning Executive Assistant, Speaker and Author

Julie Perrine

Founder & CEO, AllThingsAdmin

Kemetia Foley

Humorist, Storyteller, Writer, and Trainer

Laura Belgrado

World-Class Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Coach & EA

Laura Schwartz

Professional Speaker, Author of Eat, Drink & Succeed and Television Commentator

Lisa Olsen

Co-owner of Admin to Admin

Lizebeth Koloko-Green

Millennial Microsoft Expert Office 365, Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint

Lucy Brazier

Your Host, CEO and Publisher of Global Training Resource, Executive Secretary Magazine

Lucy Chamberlain

A champion for women in business.

Maggie Jacobs

10+ years C-Suite experience.

Marie Herman

Leading US Trainer

Marion Lowrence

Director, The PA Hub

Marsha Egan

Celebrated keynoter, facilitator, author and ICF-board certified executive and career coach

Matthew Want

Executive Assistant to Lucy Brazier I Award-Winning Executive Assistant

Melba J. Duncan

Visionary thought leader, founder and President of The Duncan Group

Melissa Esquibel

MPELLC and Owner of Sawbuck Seminars

Monica Seeley

One of the world’s leading experts on email management to improve personal and business performance and well-being.

Nina Aunula

Executive Chairman of IMA – International Management Assistants

Paula Harding

Executive Assistant at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) supporting Professor Phil Padfield, Dean of Education.  

Peggy Vasquez

EA & Author of ‘Not Just an Admin’

Pepita Soler

Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach and Founder President of Pepitas Secretaries Club

Rhonda Scharf

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author

Sandy Geroux

International Leadership Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Author

Sarah Richson

International Consultant, Executive Coach and Human Development Expert

Shelagh Donnelly

Founder and Publisher of Exceptional EA

Skevi Constantinou

Founder of The PA Way

Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Certified Trainer to Bill Gates’s Assistants

Yvette Pearson

EA within Financial Services

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Network with your peers, trainers, speakers & associations across the world.

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Day 1 19 June '20
9:00 am

KEYNOTE: Business Strategy for Assistants

Much has been made in recent times of the emergence of the Assistant as a Strategic Business Partner. The term is THE buzz word in the industry. But how do you become strategic? What does it mean? How to you change your day to day role to become the Assistant that your Executive needs in order to deliver at the highest levels. In this keynote session, Lucy Brazier will look at why Businesses still need Assistants but why the landscape has changed, how to develop your business acumen to best support your executive and what skills are required to be a true Strategic Business Partner to your Executive.


9:50 am

Project Management

Face it, you didn’t study project management, yet you’re being asked to run small to medium sized projects while you learn on your feet. Save yourself the frustration and mistakes of learning while you go by attending this program designed specifically for administrative professionals running projects as part of their job description.

This workshop provides a unique and simplified look at the field of project management, and demonstrates many skills that can be used immediately. You’ll learn practical, proven techniques for running any project thrown your way.

Learning Objectives:

· What’s involved with project management from the admin perspective

· Understanding stakeholders, sponsors, leaders and clients

· Managing the different phases of project management

· Tips and tools for project management


11:45 am

Millenial Executives:How to manage your future manager

Part of the evolving role of admin professionals is the new manager generation and their leadership style. They are digital, they work smart and agile and expect the same way of speed and knowledge from their support staff. Diana has been supporting millennials in the past and will share her first-hand experience. And even if you do not have a millennial manager today, you might want to be prepared as they are entering the ranks of management faster than we think and introduce new dynamics to our workplace.


12:40 pm

Leading your leader

If you feel that you sometimes lack confidence in your decisions, don’t worry – that is common! You are not the only one who worries. The people you support have the same insecurities as you, sometimes even more! You need to trust your own abilities and experience. Effective support starts with understanding your own potential. Only then can we unlock the potential of our leaders. In this talk, we challenge thoughts of self-doubt and give you 4 rules to overcome fear and negativity in order to lead your leader with confidence and positivity.

1:10 pm

Risk Management

Whilst Executives and Management in organisations are accountable for risk management everyone is responsible for managing risk in everything they do. Covid19 is a prime example of where many organisations, and indeed governments, failed to take risk seriously and had to revert to unplanned crisis management. Many others were as prepared as they could be and their transition to home working, for example, a lot smoother than others.

Whilst Covid19 is an extreme example of risk it reminds us that without risk management we are highly exposed. Everyone in the Administrative Profession will benefit greatly from having a basic understanding of risk management not only to better support their boss but also to more effectively manage their own projects.

This session, led by ACEA trainer Jeff Lockhart, will provide you with an introduction to the basic concepts of risk management, some of the common tools used to assess risk and how organisations decide on their response to risk. Jeff will lead you through the following agenda

What is Risk Management?
Barriers to Assessing Risk
Goals of Risk Management
Governance & Risk
Risk Response & Treatment


1:55 pm

The EA as Coach

The benefits of coaching are highly regarded in organisations, yet at the same time, budgets are tight and not all executives have access to this support. Step in the EA as coach. Learn the basic techniques that you need for you to become a valuable asset to your executive.


2:30 pm

5 tricks in Excel to Clean Up Messy Data

.Data doesn’t always come to us the way we need it. But, we can take what we get and turn it into what we need. In this session, you will learn how to unstick stuck together data, extract just the data you need from a long character string, how to straighten out an “over stylized” list and more tips from Melissa’s new book, Dirty Data. After the session, you’ll be able to download a workbook with many of the solutions presented.

3:00 pm

Assistants Taking the Lead to Design the New Workplace

Are you ready? The pandemic of 2020 has set the stage for a massive revision of what has essentially been the post-WWII workplace. The global landscape will require new rules and a new vocabulary to keep our workforce safe, productive, engaged, and sustainable in their efforts to make their companies profitable. Long-term thinking and creative innovations are urgently needed now. Given the WFH situation, this will mean a fresh look at job descriptions, titles, and compensation structures that are reflective of what is really happening. The assistants of the world have been preparing for this moment their whole careers. After all, the natural strengths of assistants are creative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and diligent planning. As the backbone and frontline of their companies, they see and hear everything. Bonnie Low-Kramen explores the viable and realistic ways that assistants all over the world can play an important part of designing the new workplace in collaboration with their leaders and fellow staff. If we do this right, the assistant profession will come out stronger and with crystal-clear perceptions of their vital roles that will be organic to the new workplace.

3:55 pm

No Box Thinking

No Box Thinking – The language of Mindset – how creating an un-limited mindset impacts your results and alters your outcomes. In this one hour session, Dinah Liversidge will share why she believes there is no reason to ‘think outside the box’; there never was a box. She’ll explore how the language you are using in your self-talk, and the language you believe that others label you with, is limiting your self-worth, self-belief and ultimately, your results. With ideas to challenge and inspire you, and stories of how the words we use to and about ourselves can be life-changing, this session is aimed at anyone who is ready to challenge their mind-set and start creating a new story.

4:40 pm

KEYNOTE: Indispensability & Legacy

Melba Duncan in conversation with Lucy Brazier:

5:40 pm

Advanced Strategies to Skyrocket your Productivity using Microsoft Outlook

The struggle is real – your Outlook inbox is a disaster. This is a common theme for mailboxes everywhere, and it is impacting your productivity both professionally and personally. With a few simple steps, you can start organizing your mess and skyrocketing your productivity. Learning a few simple tricks can save you time, help you work more effectively, and collaborate better with your managers, colleagues, and customers. Walk away with an action plan you can implement immediately.

6:45 pm

This 3 letter word is holding you back

Our language alone can have an incredible impact on the range of our feelings and emotions and can quite literally make the difference between someone living their best life or living a life of pain and suffering. The words we think and speak create our stories. The stories we tell ourselves and others create our behavior, actions, habits, and ultimately our destiny.

In this session, Maggie walks you through an exercise where you will learn how to transform the language you use so you can live your best life.


7:05 pm

Future Skills in a Post-Covid Workplace

This session has been designed to share specific, desirable EA skills: how to implement, acquire and enhance them in the new world we find ourselves in. The aim is to ensure that you future-proof your career and create as much value as possible for your company but also for yourself as an individual.

We will explore:

– What skills will matter the most in the months and weeks to come?

– How do we prepare for such an uncertain period?

– What emotional skills will we need?

– How can we be more innovative and apply the principles of Kaizen

– How do we radically disrupt our old ways of being and doing so that we stay relevant

This session will empower you to take control and focus on what you can influence and change, whether it is at work or at home. The ultimate goal is to give you strategies on how to prepare and proceed in during these uncertain times


7:35 pm

Mastering Self-Management: Embrace Your Personal Power & Gain Self-Sufficiency at Work

Have you ever noticed how the most valuable professionals seem to manage themselves? They don’t need a boss to crack the whip or dictate orders—they take care of business and use their leaders in strategic, productive ways when needed. They aren’t dependent on others for guidance, instruction or encouragement; instead, they are self-sufficient and independent.

With the right set of skills, anyone (regardless of position) can gain more autonomy at work. And, in doing so, everyone wins! Establishing your independence benefits you, your leaders, and the organization as a whole.

In this session, you will learn:

Exactly what self-management is (and what it is NOT)
How to take initiative and accept personal ownership of your work
How to gain self-sufficiency when working for a micromanager
Specific strategies to enhance your self-management skills

8:35 pm

Mind Mapping

We’ve all done it…create a “to-do” list. We put everything on the list with hopes that we will complete it all and often times, we fall short. The goals and tasks aren’t the problems, it’s the way we look at them. Making a list focuses on and supports linear thinking which stifles the creative process. Mind mapping helps you see your goals in a different way to create a better strategy to achieve them. In this session, attendees will:

· Learn how mind mapping can increase productivity by allowing you to see the “big” picture.

· Understand how mind mapping can improve collaboration and communication within teams.

· Learn how to enhance project management and spark creativity when faced with new challenges.


9:30 pm

The Office Rockstar Playbook – Making The Right Plays To Become Strategic

This presentation will focus on how Debbie Gross “Leveled Up” and made the right plays as an Executive Assistant to help her CEO build a multi-billion dollar company.

Debbie will spotlight three main areas and the strategies she used;

Time management– going from a state of overwhelm to one of proactive
Building a “partner” relationship with my executive –what it took to increase her value to him
Written communication – how she said “no” and still received a positive reception and created an exceptional brand for her executive and herself


10:00 pm

Taming the Email Tiger

Tigers have their place – on TV, in movies, and at the zoo (where they can smell really, really bad). But the last place you want to find a tiger is in your e-mail inbox. This is not a good thing. Because although it won’t eat you, it will eat up your time – as in maybe an hour or more a day.

Why is this important? Lost time means lost productivity – lost productivity leads to an unhappy boss – an unhappy boss could mean your job gets outsourced to some 3rd world country. And, of course, if that happens your spouse will probably leave you, you’ll start drinking heavily, and you’ll end up living under an overpass.

12 steps to Taming the E-mail Tiger –or Marsha Egan to the rescue!

Marsha Egan has developed a Taming the E-Mail Tiger Video Workshop that will not only keep you from drinking Thunderbird under the overpass, but could well propel you into a corner office.

Marsha will show you, in 12 simple steps, how to get control of your e-mail inbox. How to break bad e-mail habits and replace them with good ones. How to empty your inbox for good (halleluiah!). And how doing all this will boost your productivity into the stratosphere. All in 56 minutes!

This 12 step video program is easily followed, comprehensive, and above all – very interesting and enjoyable. You’ll learn the pitfalls of becoming e-ddicted, the traps that rascally e-mail tiger has set for you, and how you can avoid them.

Tigers have their place – on TV, in movies, and at the zoo. But the last place you want to find a tiger is in your e-mail inbox. This is not a good thing. Because although it won’t eat you, it will eat up your time – as in maybe an hour or more a day.

Why is this important? Lost time means lost productivity…

12 steps to Taming the E-mail Tiger –or Marsha Egan to the rescue!

Marsha will show you, in 12 simple steps, how to get control of your e-mail inbox. How to break bad e-mail habits and replace them with good ones. How to empty your inbox for good (halleluiah!). And how doing all this will boost your productivity into the stratosphere. All in 56 minutes!


11:00 pm

KEYNOTE: Creating an Innovative Culture of Engagement

Designed in response to requests for a program about her personal and professional journey, this keynote empowers audiences with 5 pillars of engagement that can change their lives professionally and personally.

From her start as a small-town girl with a speech impediment to becoming the youngest female presidential appointee in White House history and eventually an international professional speaker and television commentator, Laura delivers relevant and relatable moments of challenges and success.

Laura outlines how we can all turn to these 5 Pillars for answers, leadership and development throughout all stages of our lives. This compelling, comedic, motivational program will leave every audience feeling inspired and ready to engage with their life!

Day 2 20 June '20
12:00 am

The Innovation and Emotional Pillars of the New Era Secretariat

The importance of Emotional Intelligence in dealing with changes, crises, challenges, transformations, new ways of working and living in The new Era.

– The Four Fundamental aspects of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

– Developing your Creativity mindset, attitudes, to rapidly adapt to changes and focus proactively in long life learning skills and behaviours.

– The Human Principles of Innovation for Executive Assistants to exceed in their roles of Connectors of People, Bridgers of Ideas and Strategic Thinkers


1:05 am

Your Wellbeing and your Career

Work plays a vital role in one’s life. Work is essential to the wellbeing of the individual. That is why research shows that career wellbeing in one of the most important elements of wellbeing.

In my session, I am going to share with you a guideline to help you shape your Career Wellbeing. You will have the chance to build your action list to manage the changes you need to put in place to attend your wellbeing goals. If you do not start taking care of yourself, no one will do that for you.


1:35 am

The Myths and Truths of Work/Life Balance

So many seek to find the perfect balance in life – that place where they feel like they are doing everything they are supposed to do in their lives. Juggling all the roles and spinning all the plates at one time.

The truth is that scenario rarely ever happens, or if it does, it doesn’t last very long before one or more of the plates come crashing down. Living a balanced life is an ongoing process and one that as busy administrative professionals we must constantly evaluate, making decisions based upon our goals and our priorities. We must realize that a balanced life is not symmetrical.

When life is busy, or all our energy is focused on a special project, it’s all too easy to find ourselves off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of our life. While we need to have drive and focus if we are going to get things done, taking this too far can lead to frustration and intense stress.

That’s when it’s time to take a “helicopter view” of life, so that we can bring things back into balance.
In this session, we will dig deep into this topic and cover the following learning objectives:

• Discuss 5 myths and truths of work/life balance and learn how to differentiate between them.
• Introduce 12 simple strategies to try for increased self-management.
• Managing multiple priorities – how to build confidence in your decision making.
• Discover the benefit of conducting a Start, Stop and Continue exercise to evaluate productive versus non-productive habits
• Keys to building strong habits


2:30 am

Choosing the Right VA Niche For Yourself

Is now the right time for you to launch your own virtual assistant business? Have you always thought about doing it, but you can’t figure out what kind of business you would start? This 90 minute masterclass will help you to identify what the right business is for you. We’ll discuss the process to help you narrow down your options to the niche that best suits your experience, passion, skills, and possibilities.


4:00 am

Design thinking, the innovative assistant’s tool for agile processes

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”, said Albert Einstein. Disruptive megatrends force companies to rethink the traditional approaches. Design Thinking is a human-centered and needs-driven problem-solving methodology, which helps uncover unarticulated needs. In this session, we will learn what Design Thinking is, become familiar with some of the most well-known methodologies, understand why it is useful (not just cool), see examples of companies that successfully applied it to become more agile and productive, and finally the skills needed in Design Thinking that assistants possess. Assistants are often asked to help improve processes and, in fact, many of them already use Design Thinking methodologies intuitively.

4:30 am

How to do Events Like a Pro

Do you have what it takes – 9 qualities of an event professional
Learn the 7 things that if you change, will positively impact the experience of your delegates
How to find secret industry deals

Event Management is becoming an increasingly common aspect of an Admin Professionals role despite the majority of Admins never having any training or experience in some cases. In this session successful Event industry professionals Jason Allan Scott and David Lovett-Hume let you peak behind the curtain of their bespoke course for Admin Professionals “How to do Events like a Pro without going back to School in under 5 weeks”. Learn the secrets to success from industry professionals that have built highly successful events businesses and literally written the book! At the end of the session 10 lucky attendees will receive the course for free and everyone will receive 2 free giveaways that will make your Event life easier!

5:05 am

Working From Home Kit: Security, Workspace, and Must Have Productivity Tools

Three minimum essentials, when working from a home base, include security, your workspace, and cloud-based productivity tools.

As a productivity technology educator and one who has worked remote for over twenty years, I know the importance of these three essentials.

During this training, I also share some of my personal advice, along the way.

Learning Outline
Security Basics

Router security settings

Software Updates

Virus protection



Preparing for productivity

Where to setup your home workspace

Natural lighting – why it matters

Think Ergonomic

Tips on staying energized, motivated, and connected

Essential Productivity Communication Tools

Cloud-based tools

Essential mobile apps

Video conferencing tools overview

Video basic equipment and suggestions on where to purchase

6:05 am

Career and Life Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 will go down in history not only for the scale of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but also for its economic and social impacts. With lockdowns, quarantines, remote work environments and unprecedented access to information feeds and opinions, assistants and employers have had to quickly adapt.

This time of unparalleled shifts in how we live and work will have long-term ramifications. Assistants should anticipate Workplace 2.0, as working arrangements, meeting and travel practices may not return to pre-pandemic norms. Employers are faced with financial and operational challenges. They may reassess not only brick and mortar requirements, but also payroll realities.

More than ever, assistants need to focus on resilience, adding value, and effectively communicating with their employers. Assistants also need to focus on their networks. Through her own expansive networks, Shelagh has been sharing pandemic business practices and experiences from around the globe on her Exceptional EA website. Join Shelagh for a look at lessons on business continuity, resilience, and what to anticipate going forward.

7:40 am

A journey into leadership - professional and personal

Personal and professional development and a relentless drive for improvement are IMA  (International Management Assistants Association) Executive Chairman, Nina Aunula’s main goals, but most important of all are the underlying dynamics; i.e. how to maintain a healthy equilibrium and growth in the process.


8:05 am

Mindfulness: Diversity and Inclusion during a crisis

Mindfulness has grown in popularity in recent years and it is simply put as “the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment”. With the current global pandemic many people feel like they are being thrown off balance and most especially for certain vulnerable groups. As Assistants we come from diverse backgrounds, hold diverse belief systems and interact with many diverse groups in a complex environment. During this session Sarah Richson will help you appreciate diversity and inclusion in the context of mindfulness.


9:05 am

Taking Control of Your Inbox

Dealing with the daily tsunami of emails in both your own and your boss’s inbox is often cited as one of the top five challenges for even the very best EAs and PAs. Now as more of you work from home during these strange times, you are telling me that taking control of the inbox is ever more stressful.

In this session you will learn how save time by taking control of the inbox rather than letting it control your day through:

 Managing your time at the inbox.
 Training other people not to expect an instant reply.
 Finding the best way to manage your boss’s inbox.
 Choosing when to use an alternative to email.
 Reducing the rounds of email ping-pong.
 Using Outlook ‘s efficiency functions such as Rules, Quick Parts and Quick Steps.


9:50 am

Art of Communication

Heather will give you tips on how to communicate intelligently to improve relationships, be truly professional and feel good about yourself.

We all communicate naturally; most find it impossible not to… but we don’t always communicate effectively. This session will give you tips on how to:

· Communicate intelligently to improve relationships, be truly professional and feel good about yourself

· Understand the different ways we communicate

· Interact effectively on social media and understand techniques to influence colleagues and managers


10:20 am

Effective Networking for the Assistant

Do you avoid networking events? Do you become anxious and not know what to say? Do you want to learn how to network successfully? After many years of networking Marion regularly speaks at events and conferences to encourage assistants to network. Marion will discuss how networking can be used as a tool for business and career success and the benefits of networking with other assistants. If you are a novice or you simply want to improve your existing skills, Marion will give you some great tips and tricks to make you feel more confident when networking.

• How to become a confident networker with simple techniques to make your networking experience better and less daunting.
• Why it is important to network effectively and the benefits it will bring to you and your career.
• The advantages of networking with other assistants.

11:20 am

A Leader? Me??

An assistant as a leader sounds like a contradiction in terms. Are you leading or are you assisting the leader? Well, if you are doing your job properly, you should be doing both. Maybe not at the same time, or in all situations, but to succeed in our ever-changing profession , the time is now for you, the Assistant, to develop those leadership traits shown by your Executives and to become the leader you need to be, to be the best Assistant you can be.

We’ll look at authenticity, influence, delegation and resilience and I’ll share my stories about the opportunities that shaped my career from a Secretary to a Leader.

12:05 pm

"Personal Branding for PA & EAs

This interactive presentation is intended for PA professionals that wish to grow their personal brand and realise their full career potential. The session will provide insights into the foundation and development of a personal brand strategy and allow the audience to ask questions and take part in the session

During this informative presentation you’ll learn:

Why personal branding matters
The four dimensions of Persona (Physical, Mental, Emotion and Soul)
The eight Key Criteria of the Personal Brand (Purpose, Vision, Values, Mission, Positioning, Proposition, Personality, Audience).
Lucy will enable you to give your personal brand a health check, develop its strengths, be mindful of its challenges and be sure to do yourself justice!

12:50 pm

The Innovative Admin’s Role in Disaster Response and Planning – Before, During, and After a Crisis

Disaster response planning is everyone’s job. As an administrative professional, you can add tremendous value by initiating and maintaining the disaster planning documentation for your team.

There’s something to learn from every event or disaster you go through. During this session, Julie Perrine will share several of her own experiences, as well as her team members’, including what they learned from various disasters, and how to better prepare for future ones.

Some highlights from this session include:

• Dealing with natural disasters, including wildfires, snowstorms, floods, and tornadoes.
• Managing personal crises, including long-term illness and deaths in the family.
• Handling criminal situations, including arson and workplace violence.
• How to start creating your disaster preparedness plan.
• Four tips for developing your emergency communications plan.
• What to include in your emergency “to-go” kit.
• Insurance and financial considerations.

It’s impossible to be ready for every situation. But there are key disaster planning principles that can help you better prepare to respond, which can saves lives and valuable resources. This session help you be ready when the next disaster strikes.


1:50 pm

Realizing Your Worth

Too often, we undervalue what our knowledge and skills are worth. Realizing our own worth is crucial for advancing our careers, improving our skills and gaining greater respect. Today, Sandy shares tips on realizing and showing our full value, as well as celebrating our success and the success of others.

After this session, you will:

Recognize and stop under-valuing your self-worth
Use effective tools to communicate your full value
Know how to help others realize and communicate their full worth, without feeling intimidated or threatened by the success of others


2:40 pm

Maximise your Time using the 888 Formula: Improve your productivity & work/life balance

During this fast paced session Abigail Barnes a Time Management Author will introduce you to the 888 Formula and cover 5 key areas to help you improve your productivity & work/life balance:

Maximising your time using the 888 Formula
Protect the Asset
Control the Controllables
Identify the Metrics
Audit the Expectations
Educate to Elevate

3:40 pm

How adversity drives success

Matthew Want and Skevi Constantinou talk about being a millennial,in the workforce, making the leap to exceptional and why their respective  life-limiting illnesses are the driving force behind an attitude to life which has contributed to their success stories.

4:40 pm

Digital Skills for Virtual Teams using Office 365 for PC or Mac

Ready to build your confidence and skills while working remotely? For those who use Office 365 on either PC or Mac, you have all the tools you need to work easily and securely from any place, anytime.

In this course, you will:

· Understand the terminology and the difference between Office 365, Office 2019, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint

· Master the art of Office 365 search and navigation on your PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices

· Learn how and when to save documents to OneDrive and Teams

· Understand the various ways to schedule and conduct virtual meetings with internal and external participants

5:40 pm

Amplify Your Voice | The Power and Potential of Storytelling

Storytelling as a communication tool is powerful and yet, underutilized. Harness your own stories and storytelling capabilities to create and improve relationships inside and outside the workplace. First-person stories are vital—a gateway to set up connection, to understand change, to develop and promote multiple perspectives.
Travel with me for this learning adventure. You will learn to the importance of first-person storytelling, the method to determine the best story or stories for your audience and intention. Build a compelling framework for your story and connect your message to purpose. Everyone has a story. Speak yours.


7:00 pm

WA-Summit, WA-Alliance - What...??

The aim of the World Administrators Summit is to provide a voice to administrative professionals internationally; to all “Speak with one voice”. The purpose of the World Administrators Alliance is to “guide, influence, positively develop and elevate the global administrative profession”.

Eth will:

· provide a brief history of the World Administrators Summit

· outline the role of the Advisory Council

· describe what happens at a Summit

· outline the value of the Summit and the Alliance to all administrative professionals

· discuss what happens after each Summit.

The internet and social media have vastly improved the ability to gather information from individual administrative professionals around the world to better inform the WA-Summit discussions. They have also improved the ability to share internationally the outcomes of Summit discussions, to support and enhance the role for every administrative professional.



Here are just a few comments from previous events:

I feel truly energised to provide an even higher level of service to my executives… I’ve started researching a topic that I would like to write an article on & have spoken to one of my execs about leading a project to unify the EAs across our company… to use Dinah’s phrase “I’ve removed the box”.

Colette Martin

Executive Assistant, Bard/Beckton Dickinson

I am reassured, rejuvenated, reminded and remotivated that I am in the right profession, a position that requires endless skill sets and constant demand…we do it all and with a smile. It takes a special person to do what we do everyday and we are phenomenal at it. It is a career that I love.

Amber Manezes

Sr. Administrative Assistant, Seattle Genetics

I enjoyed each minute, I cannot say anything else. That is the truth.

Cathy Van Mastrigt

EA to CEO, Hull Speed Associates

I am in awe… so utterly fantastic to have been a part of it!

Alison Palm

EA to the CEO & Board, Sandvik Process Systems

I loved meeting a group of people who understand our role. We are unique and sometimes people do not understand what and why we go to the lengths we do. Those at the conference just get it.

Carol Lloyd

Enesi Pharma Ltd, EA to CEO

I walked away with a spring in my step with renewed motivation and determination to be the best I can, using what I had learned over the course of the two days.

Lorraine Tresnak

Senior Business Administrator, Specialist Services, NHS Blood and Transplant

Aside from the amazing content, I gained so much from networking with the other delegates and speakers.

Carol Prince

PA, Marwell Wildlife

I was excited about how much I learned, not just in technology, but in other areas of the career as well. Plus it was very empowering and I feel more energized by my career than ever. I can’t wait to teach other admins in my office some of the things I learned, hopefully empowering them as well.

Kayla Hutchens

Executive Assistant, Jacobs

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