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Welcome To Executive Secretary Live

84% of our attendees, across the world, tell us that LIVE is either THE best or one of the best conferences that they have ever attended. That is because our CEO, Lucy Brazier, spends most of her life attending conferences globally – both large and small, in order to source the most inspiring speakers and the most relevant topics to ensure that you get to see the best of the very best.

Like the magazine, LIVE doesn’t bring you the run of the mill or the obvious. We are continuously looking for new ways to teach the skills that will futureproof your role and ensure you learn, thrive and excel in your career.

Our conferences take place throughout the year on each of the five major continents around the world. We are excited to be back with five new lineups of trainers and speakers to inspire and educate you.

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A small selection of the superstar trainers & speakers headed your way

Zelda La Grange

Nelson Mandela’s secretary, gatekeeper and constant companion for the best part of 20 years

Cynthia Thomsen

Executive Assistant to the CEO of Microsoft

Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Certified Trainer to Bill Gates’ Assistants