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Have you ever wondered if there’s a better, faster, more efficient, effective way to do something? Savvy administrative professionals ask this question each time they find themselves doing repetitive or unnecessarily complicated work. The authors’ fondest hope is that this book puts an end to many of these challenges. The book is organized according to the types of work that you do every day: 

• Communicate with your colleagues (Effective Communication) 
• Send email (Manageable Email)
• Manage tasks and teamwork (Teamwork and Tasks)
• Protect Information (Cybersecurity) 
• Manage calendars and diaries (Calendars and Diaries) 
• Maintain your well-being (Looking after Yourself and the Planet) 
• …and all the rest! 

Melissa Esquibel is known for her unique ability to make learning technology both enjoyable and valuable and for being one of the top technology trainers in the world, particularly for administrative professionals. 

Dr. Monica Seeley is one of the world’s leading international experts on email best practice and has helped many of the world’s assistants to handle their email inbox like a pro. The authors’ extensive experience training experience has enabled them to write this highly practical book which is a ‘must-read’ for all administrative professionals

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Available 5th May 2021

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